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Teach you how to choose TYPE-C data cable
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With the popularity of mobile phones, more and more manufacturers on the market have begun to use Type-C interfaces. Due to the difference of the interface, we can neither use the Apple data cable nor the Android data cable for charging or data transmission. We can only use the Type-C charging data cable.

Teach you how to choose TYPE-C data cable

Both Apple and Android data cables have their own skills. So, how to choose Type-C data cables? Mainly look at the following three points:

First: Regardless of pros and cons, both sides can be inserted

The most intuitive difference between the Type-C data cable and the MICRO data cable is that it can be plugged in on both sides, regardless of the pros and cons. This is not only to increase the consumer's experience, reduce the time for plugging and unplugging the data cable, but also to improve the service life and safety of the Type-C data cable.

Of course, both Android phones and Apple phones on the market now have double-sided pluggable data cables.

Second: fast charging

As mobile phones are used more frequently, everyone will prioritize their battery capacity and charging speed when selecting devices. Since the charging speed of Type-C is much faster than the traditional MICRO interface, it is popular with everyone.

Third: Has a two-way charging function

Devices equipped with a Type-C interface can be connected to a mobile power supply through the Type-C cable for charging, and there is no need to carry the charging cable with you. Wall charger and Type-C cable are all you need. In addition, when choosing a Type-C data cable, pay attention to the current limit.