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What are the advantages of TYPE C data cable
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Regarding the TYPE C data cable, we have heard too much news about it since we were unfamiliar with it. I have seen articles touting the benefits of the TYPE C data cable. It can be both positive and negative. The face can be plugged in, and there are a series of benefits such as fast charging. The TYPE C data line is more messy in structure than the previous data line, and requires more rigorous electrical design and reliable materials. TYPE C data cable is used as a link between newer electronic devices or between electronic devices and power supplies. The selection of the material of the link cable is very important. If a defective link cable is used, it will lead to extended charging time, unstable data transmission, and Dangers such as cracking, and may even cause electronic equipment to become obsolete or explode. It's been more than a year since Type-C was launched. Do we really understand its main advantages?

What are the advantages of TYPE C data cable

The advantage of the TYPE C data line is that it supports a higher energizing current, that is, more current will pass through the use of Type-C at the same time, thereby accelerating the charging speed of the device. At present, the charging current of most TYPE C data lines is generally 2A. If you want to reach the charging rate of 3A, you need a matching high-current wall charger. In other words, if the wall charger only supports 1A, whether it is charged with a 2A or 3A data cable, there is basically no difference; if the current supported by the wall charger is 2A, then it is equipped with 2A/3A TYPE C data line, its function can have significant changes.

TPE data line benefits

1. Excellent processing function, good colorability, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance;

2. It is safe and non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, and will not cause any impact on human skin;

3. Can be recycled to reduce costs.

It also has a two-way charging function. Devices equipped with a Type-C interface can be charged via a Type-C cable connected to a mobile power supply. Users do not need to carry a charging cable with them, just a wall charger and a Type-C cable. In addition, when choosing a Type-C charging data cable, it is important to pay attention to the current limit. 1A charging data cable does not have the fast charging function, 2A is the more widely used Type-C charging data cable, and 3A is the better data now. If you want to have a fast charging function, you must choose a Type-C charging data cable with 3A current.