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How to choose a safe and stable mobile phone data cable
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The rapid development of the mobile phone industry has brought many conveniences to our lives. At the same time, it has also driven the development of the mobile phone accessories industry, such as mobile phone data lines, sometimes due to various reasons, you may need to use several a year! So, today's USB data cable manufacturers say how to choose an affordable, quality guaranteed, and safe charging third-party data cable?

First of all, we must choose a branded data cable. Copycat data cables are absolutely not guaranteed. You can see the difference in workmanship between the branded data cable and the purchased copycat data cable. The copycat data cable is generally rough in workmanship, with uneven interfaces, and only uses copper wires, no shielding layer, and no technical support at the connectors. This greatly increases the probability of problems. The data cable adopts a brand-new trickle charging technology. The charging has a total of three stages: fast charging, slow charging, trickle charging to reach saturation, and can maintain 2A fast charging, the whole process of mobile phone charging is not hot, reduce The occurrence of a safety incident.

How to choose a safe and stable mobile phone data cable

Secondly, choose a data cable that is not easy to bend and break. After all, the data cable is too easy to break, and there is no safety guarantee for this data cable. The data line is easy to break at the joints, and the joints are broken everywhere, and the copper wires in the data line are exposed and the leakage and electric shock are not worth the loss. We can choose a data cable with a nylon braided body. The reason for this is that the nylon braided data cable is more flexible, has very good resilience, is not easy to tangles or creases, and is soft and easy to bend.

Finally, choose a thicker data line. There is a reason to choose a thick data line. Thick data lines usually add materials other than copper wires in the core to improve the mechanical properties of the core and make it not easy to break. In addition, an anti-oxidation tin-plated layer is added to the outside of the copper core to extend the service life. The inner core of the water drop book data cable is composed of 8 strands, and the tin-plated copper core is faster and safer.

So in summary, now that mobile phones use fast power and charge more times, you must learn to choose a good data cable. The mobile phone data cable manufacturer recommends to choose a reliable and safe third-party data cable, especially not to buy some copycats without quality assurance. Data cable to avoid accidental charging.