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What factors cause the charging speed of the mobile phone charging cable?
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The mobile phone charging cable is related to the charging speed, and the charging speed of the mobile phone is generally affected by three aspects

1. Whether the output power of the power adapter (ie charger) can meet the needs of mobile phones.

According to the battery capacity, the mobile phone has different requirements for the charging current. Generally, it is 05C-0.8C. For example, 0.5C of a 2000MAH battery is 1A, and 0.8C is 1.6A. Its charging current is between 1A and 1.6A. In between, mobile phones generally set this value, 1A or 2A, to meet the output standards of power adapters (chargers) on the market. It can be simply understood that the charging current with a battery capacity of less than 2500MAH is generally 1A, and the charging current with a battery capacity greater than 2500MAH is 2A.

The output current of the selected power adapter should be equal to or greater than the charging current of the mobile phone. There is a common misunderstanding here. Some people think that high-power chargers will burn the phone or overcharge the battery. In fact, the output current of the power adapter is its maximum output. The actual input current when the phone is charging is determined by the control circuit of the phone. It is not determined by the power adapter. Burning a mobile phone or overcharging the battery is determined by the output voltage of a poor quality power adapter exceeding 5.2V and charging for a long time, and has nothing to do with high power. It is recommended that when choosing a power adapter, choose a power a little more power than your mobile phone requires, so that for the power adapter, it does not run at full load and can better ensure the stable output of the current.

What factors cause the charging speed of the mobile phone charging cable?

2. Whether the voltage drop of the data line is qualified.

The data line is connected to the charger and the mobile phone. Because the data line has resistance, there will be a voltage drop on the data line. If the resistance is too large, a large amount of power will be lost on the data line. Affect the charging speed. The copper wires in some roadside data cables on the market are very thin (the thinner the greater the resistance), and even not pure copper (such as copper-clad aluminum). The resistance is very large, which may cause your charging speed to change. Slow, even unable to charge.

3. Whether the charging mode is current limited.

If you use improper charging methods, the charging current may also be limited, causing your power adapter to be unable to function no matter how high it is. There are two common current limiting. One is charging in data transmission mode. The current is limited to less than 0.5A. It is common in office people who use computer USB ports to charge mobile phones. The easiest way to solve this problem is to transfer data. The line is replaced with a dedicated charging line.