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Have you got many functions of the Type-c interface?
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What is the Type-c interface?

USB Type-C, abbreviated as Type-C, is a hardware interface specification for Universal Serial Bus (USB). The application is called Type-C interface on mobile phones, and most people are called USB-C interface on computers. In 2015, after the application of Apple Mac Book, it quickly seized the market in just a few years, and it was widely used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, notebooks, and mobile power supplies.

With the fierce competition among major mobile phone manufacturers, in terms of mobile phone interface, Type-c interface has obviously become a standard configuration and is deeply loved by users. However, many users only know that the Type-c interface can be plugged in and charged at will, but they don't know that it also has many hidden operations and powerful functions. Don’t worry, Xiaoyi will show you Type-c~

Several advantages of Type-C interface

1. Insert both sides

This is the most well-known advantage. Type-c's oval interface design allows everyone to get rid of the embarrassment that the Micro USB trapezoidal interface cannot be inserted in the past.

2. The socket is thinner and lighter

The size of the Type-C interface socket end is about 8.3mm×2.5mm slim design, more portable.

3. Two-way charging

The Type-C interface supports the USB PD protocol (that is, the power transmission protocol), which can achieve higher voltage and current, and can deliver up to 100 watts of power, and can freely change the direction of power delivery. So Type-C can realize fast charging and two-way charging. For example, users can not only use laptops to charge mobile devices, but also use other devices or mobile power sources to charge laptops.

4. Faster charging and transmission

The maximum data transmission speed reaches 10Gbit/sec, which is also the standard of USB 3.1. It supports the USB-PD power supply standard, and the maximum power supply can reach 100 watts. Both the transmission speed and the charging speed have been greatly improved.

Have you got many functions of the Type-c interface?

Type-c interface has many uses, have you got all these functions?

Function 1: External USB device

You can watch movies without taking up memory, and you can use the keyboard even if you eat chicken. Have you ever experienced the dilemma that your mobile phone’s memory is full and you can’t download movies to watch on the go? Don’t worry, most mobile phones with Type-c interface can be connected to a USB flash drive through the docking station and download movies to the USB flash drive. You can watch it directly after connecting to the phone without taking up any space in the phone's memory. Mobile phone eating chicken operation is too scumbag teammates? The mouse and keyboard can also be connected through the docking station, and the operation is 6 to flying.

Function 2: Mobile phone projection

Through the Type-C to HDMI adapter cable, mobile phone projection can be realized, the large-screen movie viewing experience is more enjoyable, and the projection office is more convenient.

The Type-C interface can support video and audio output. If your phone supports screen projection, plug the Type-C interface to the phone and the HDMI interface to the TV. After connection, the phone will automatically pop up a prompt, select [Computer Mode] to synchronize the screen of the mobile phone with the big screen. If you select [Mobile Mode], while the screen is projected, the screen and operation on the mobile phone and the large screen do not interfere with each other, so there is no need to worry about sudden calls or information revealing privacy when doing PPT sharing.

Function 3: Connect to the wired network

Not enough mobile phone data? Is the movie lagging when you see the highlights? The game is playing violently dropped? At this time, you only need to prepare a network cable to the interface, you can connect the mobile phone to the Internet cable, solve the urgent need, and make the Internet experience more smooth. But I want to remind everyone that this feature is not applicable to all Type-C interface phones, and some phones currently do not support this feature.